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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Anglo-American Empire and Its Catastrophic Involvement in Europe

An epic story of carnage and madness in Europe that should finally draw to a close.

As much as we may wish for all of Europe to have a common lingua franca so it could finally unite politically and start creating a grand supra cultural entity, one must consider the dangers involved. British-American liberalism over the last 200 years always had a whiff of condescension from the leadership. Yes, the children finally won the right to be left alone to do as they wish but not to influence what the adults are doing. Most European societies had people grow up and slaughter the adults in leadership so they could finally take matters into their own hands and shape societies as they saw fit. The French are a good example as well as other populous ethnic groups like Spaniards, Germans, and Italians. Russians, unfortunately, still did not sufficiently grow up so they can self-govern (through genuine proportional representation) even though the old parents got buried. The process is happening but slowly since its only been a few generations since most of the population was dragged kicking and screaming to class to be taught reading/writing.

English speakers however, never stormed the capital and imprisoned/murdered those that needed it (those rulers that were decadent, weak, and stagnant rather than growing and socially enriching). Sure, the English speaking adults split a few times but the revolution of American colonial aristocracy was a matter of the wife storming out of the house and taking some kids with her. Confederate elites wanted to repeat the same but were a little too close to really leave and got a few gentle slaps to not do it again. For far too long English speaking peoples have lived without massacring the rulers since hey, the rulers let some elder sons make some money off the land, speak more freely, and even beat up/enslave some local ethnic weakling. English liberalism is a nanny state mentality in the making. Liberalism in the classical sense of course. The rulers love it since they can really focus on playing around and expanding their interests in the international arena without being held as accountable as in proportional representative government where vast majority of people iron our national future.

Yet England grew old and tired. English elites sweated and puffed and got rather creative in keeping Europeans divided amongst themselves. That was no small task since continental people had weapons more advanced than spears and could read pretty well. Keeping them divided was a bit of a challenge for London but with such great task one grows very clever and experienced in control. Sure London's not totally to blame. Russian elites helped them slap down forces of European unification from time to time. But one can strain to prevent potential economic and political influence from a unified continent (which could also take the form of physical invasion channel) for only so long. In retrospect, these efforts have even sped up forces of unification and made them more egalitarian.

English meddling earlier in the last century overreached and wiped out enough conservative/nationalist European elites (as they and their family members led across the trenches) to reduce forces of tribalism and ethnic solidarity. Further English meddling (not content with quarter of the world's surface and potential role of being a raw material supplier to a German Europe) has taken out more nationalists in the 1940s. It also created a situation where unification could start occurring voluntarily and without one populous ethnic group leading the way. This time England was wheezing and coughing and got its long estranged and somewhat more liberal wife really involved. Yes, America the beautiful really came in this time and got in the game of keeping Europe divided. The English speaking couple got remarried.

At this point things could not go on as before since Soviets offered a continent wide democratic (compared to the earlier French and German plans) unification plan for all of Europe.

"What!?!" you say? How dare we call communist unification more democratic than Napoleon's or Hitler's? Well facts speak for themselves. Original communist wave integrated all captured nations into Soviet Republics. The Soviet integration was not as driven by one populous dominant ethnic group, offered a federal structure with separation of powers, protection of national languages, and most importantly, proportional representation for communist elites in the Politburo based on population of European ethnic groups.

Sure, you say, but Stalin hijacked it to be de facto Russian driven enterprise and this democratic representation only occurred within the Soviet Union. That is true but practical considerations cannot discount the driving force of a teleological idea (such as the American drivel spewed for over a hundred years that all men are created equal). Yes, in the 50s 60s and 70s many communist states didn't get their representation in the Soviet politburo that they would have if they got under the red wing in the 20s. Neither did the white American males get their political say for a number of decades. Does one really think a communist Western Europe (with its demands for central planning) could really be kept under Russian control without political integration into Soviet Union? Once Europe became Soviet, the Russian ethnic elites would be but a plurality faction within the Politburo that could be outvoted by an alliance of Spanish/German/Italian communists for example. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that integrated most of the continent along with European colonies would be a bit of a force. English colonies would be an exception until England is browbeat into joining or co-operating. Soviet Europe would have had over 500 million people under its embrace (easily over a billion if integration kept spreading into former colonies).

How strong of a force are we talking about here? Its democratic representation (that is if you join the party and work your way to the top to be represented by your ethnic group) would have international appeal. Lack of one ethnic group always setting the agenda by being half or more of the population (like in Stalin's Soviet Union) would allow a true multi-ethnic governance and exchange of ideas along EU lines. It would democratize further as multi-party democracy (within ethically proportionally representative governmental structure) develops gradually through the Politburo sessions. Factional alliances within the communist party (and not necessarily rooted in the ethnic background of representatives) would naturally arise and help create new efficiencies on the continent. Soviet Europe would liberalize economically with time like China and if it expanded beyond the continent would also bring mass literacy and decline of birthrates to Africa and parts of Asia (as they were brought to Central Asia). That in turn would usher in wealth generation and further democratization.

All the resources of Africa, Siberia, Scandinavia, and parts of Asia would be a backbone of a new world order and make grand projects possible. China showed that peace, diplomacy, and trade with Maoists works. If one thinks China makes grand rapid construction (made possible by its authoritarian central command), is there a doubt Soviet Europe couldn't do space colonization, end African/Asian hunger, end common preventable diseases, and make sure secondary and even higher schooling is available to all of its subjects the way they cannot be dreamed of now? As it liberalized, global unification would finally be in sight and finally the end product of such an idea, world peace.

The English speaking couple recoiled in horror at the idea although it was far away on the horizon. World peace, literacy, prevention of overpopulation into the 21st century, and wealth generation is good and all but getting there via socialist means!?? Unthinkable! Socialism perhaps democratizing and economically liberalizing after a while? Would never happen! England, although frail, still had dignity and would not allow these hooligan Soviet gutter punks run rampant. It would rather let its estranged wife America wear the pants rather than have the continent dictate anything to London.

United States was happy to oblige. Its taste was already getting used to stomping around abroad and its elites wanted to roll with the big boys (electrifying the country, building new railroads and tunnels, and messing around Western Hemisphere was getting boring and under-stimulating). It had a shiny new toy which could be used to bring its own version of what's proper for people of the world but nuclear fire over Leningrad and Moscow was perhaps a bit rash and impolite right after a war. People of the world might not go along as well with everybody "being equal" on paper and "picking themselves up by their African and Malaysian bootstraps" if US elites started another continental blitzkrieg. What other option rather than mass murder to compete with Soviet Europe? If nothing is done well one risks being a giant dangerous rather religious Texas/Iran-like laughing stock! We can't have that as the world inches closer to unification and education.

America, after getting some endorphins from a work out and finally having some real dough and respect to spend, sat deep in thought and entertained some options. For some reason she thought of herself in third person for the first time.

"Well sure America could integrate most of the English speaking world/colonies as member states and use vast Canadian resources to fine tune its idea of freedom and small government. USA would have enough deterrence to prevent naval invasion across thousands of miles of ocean (or Soviets building magical tanks to dance their way across Bering strait, and then thousands of miles of Alaskan/Canadian tundra). Sure America can actually start adhering to what is written in its sacred documents and start treating blacks and Hispanics as equals and educate them. Then it can start accepting all north American/Caribbean states into the union to bolster its population and resources. Then it can move on to offer membership beyond the continent to south American member states to further economically develop them and free their peoples from their impudent elites through mass education, real opportunity, and constitutional protections.

Heck! With Southern American states so close by and their elites being traditional willing lapdogs and exporters of raw materials they might even succumb to the pressure to join expanding USA (and be new wealthy senators and governors for life if needed) rather than having their people decide for them by forcefully joining competing Soviet model. It'll probably create a super economy due to less borders and one currency. This way USA can gleefully show the world that its model creates more wealth, protects religious freedoms, has a more transparent fair federal structure, and allows all people (regardless of skin color or party) to vote and be represented. With Western Hemisphere mostly part of a multi-ethnic USA and all the natural resources under its control, small/medium/and large companies could really demonstrate the efficiency of private ownership and competition. USA could then shame Soviet Europe with adherence to constitutional protections regardless of race or religion and show peoples of Africa and Asia that there's a better way. It could actually follow FDR's propaganda slogans that Americans (unlike the Germans) are more focused on building for developmental needs of man rather than tools of war.

Sure the nations of Western Europe would fall under the Soviet yoke but how would that be against American interests? How is making a deal with Soviets to allow any Western European citizen to come live in the Western hemisphere a bad plan? Russian imperial elites enriched Western Europe through emigration in the 20s so why not allow bourgeois of Europe to bring their money and talent to help America reconstruct Western Hemisphere and parts of the world in the image of the founding fathers? Those that stay and face the gulag do so voluntarily so why protect these non-Americans and their nation-state playthings with expensive weapons?

What does America have to lose in Western Europe? Fascist Franco's Spain becoming a Soviet/communist republic? Italy's rural population getting communist education and making scientists instead of priests? Greece and Portugal switching one authoritarianism for another? The ruins of France (that had 20% support for communist party into the 1970s) being rebuilt by French communists and Algeria becoming a communist state where Arabs are not discriminated against? Why not allow Soviets to be burdened with control and rebuilding of Europe and never have a continental war again. Let as many Germans flee to US as possible and thus bolster American industrial economy. Those that remain would provide an internal domestic counterbalance to Russian dominance within communist Europe. Maybe Russians wouldn't be able to hold on to the continent without creating a more egalitarian system similar to EU which in turn would allow liberalization to proceed. If they fail, America wins. If they succeed, US wont need to spend on a Marshal plan and more enlightened populations would transform communist world from within. Losing Scandinavia would be a shame but they too can relocate here along with the Vatican. Having the Pope on American soil would sure help expand manifest destiny south and help in Africa. And what exactly is wrong with Soviet Spanish, Swedish, Greek doctors and engineers having friendly competition with ours in bringing white man's burden to the world? Is preserving the sovereignty of Western nations in the interests of US and the world? Is supporting a small population of ethnic elites against larger numbers of their blue collar workers really fair? Let the Red Army take it from here since they'll probably fail with their economic system.

America could help create a United Nations structure and constitution that made a point that African and South American states could decide which system to join voluntarily with the provision that Africa and South America would not have Soviet or American troop build ups/missiles. American leadership (of a country stretching from Newfoundland to Panama) could passionately appeal to UN with a message that there's been enough white soldiers and military bases on the two continents. It could tell the Soviets that they wouldn't need to worry about build up and thus possible invasion from Africa just as Americans wouldn't need to worry about tanks/arms in South America/Caribbean. North America and all of Europe (with exception of maybe England and Switzerland) and all the states within them would be firmly within their political spheres of influence however and free from meddling. With Soviet multi-ethnic leadership free from worry about invasion from North Africa, it'd just need enough of a nuclear deterrent to keep hordes of Anglo-Hispanics/Chinese from rapidly (and magically) advancing on water or many time zones of frozen Siberia. Both superpowers would then have more money to spend on human development and construction rather than spending endless hundreds of billions on things designed to cause mass murder. The two parts of the world can trade in friendship and we might even do some joint partnerships in business and space exploration. From utilitarian perspective, even if a couple million more Europeans end up dead or in Siberia due to Soviet occupation, countless millions will be saved. A world secure from another war, peasants of Africa/Asia/Latin America educated (and not contributing to explosion of population to 9 billion), hundreds of millions more having their inalienable rights secured, and forces of science more focused on building rather than destroying.

Americans could join with Soviets to pressure England to decolonize immediately and choose what state to join. If England does not choose to let Ireland, Scotland, and Wales as well as itself become American states then it would need to choose neutrality or be left to face the Soviet Europe by itself. American pressure on England to rejoin its embrace under constitutional protection and let its conquered people go (or also become Americans with freedoms, schooling, hospitals, roads, and electricity) would really send a message to the world and most importantly India and Arabs. We can actually adhere to Washington's warning not to join foreign alliances and we'll have an exciting new frontier and manifest destiny of our doctors, scientists, and builders competing with Soviet ones all across the world. Then those dastardly Soviets with all of Eurasia will start sweatin'!

Heck! My old hubby England and I will show them French/German/Russian Soviets that we can build a thing or two! We'll probably be better at making things anyway since we're so sure of our industrial/economic methodology. Maybe after a while Soviets will become more capitalist like us through friendship trade peace and goodwill towards mankind. Then we can achieve world peace on our terms."

America sat deep in thought and it got late. She yawned. The game was on. There were still a few beers left.

'Naahhh.... this type of thing involves.. planning... and maybe a president who gets elected again and again.. It needs a long term vision, like, really long term. And some of these mass international building projects might even need a bit of that central planning the euros got over there. We'd also really need to start properly organizing our urban and rural communities and integrate educational infrastructure to create those armies of world trotting do gooders. Plus treating blacks like equals probably wont fly for next election cycle... "

America got up and started pacing a bit and getting frustrated while sipping on her beer.

"Alright, I don't want to use a shortcut with the new toys and nuke the Soviets to then expand my vision all the way into Asia.. It's quick but too messy and a bit risky. I mean, I'm not a mass murderer or an ideological imperialist or anything... I could just nuke the Soviets and get back to being neutral again.. Maybe British can sort out the European ruins and survivors and do some clean up or something. They're good with all that world conquerin' thing... "

That last thought struck a nerve for some reason.

"Goddamit!!! British this and British that always getting me to do things and teaching me!! No more! I won this thing, and am sticking around! I'm getting the credit. England got one thing right though. The Soviets ain't classy and at least my frail controlling hubby knows a thing about class. I've got the nukes and I'm digging in and threatening them with mass murder if they keep pushing about equality and education and all that. How much of a fight is in them anyway?

Hmm.. It'll probably get pricey though. I mean I could build a lot of colleges and high schools and educate everybody here as well as many others in the world for a fraction of what I will spend on submarines and carrier strike groups and tank squadrons on German soil. That first plan with letting other countries become states will adhere more to the founding structure for the country and increase the amount of troops and tax payers that we have... But am I THAT sure free enterprise will work as well with South Americans as here so I can start taxing their income and that of their children?

I mean mass developmental projects/education works and all and Soviets successfully tested it in Central Asia...and creating public works for new states will still be cheaper long term than decades of hundreds of billions a year on military. Hmm... But then America will lose its white character and even though Soviets are losing their Russian character and being absorbed into Europe one probably needs to be authoritarian to keep whites from starting another civil war over this. And maybe Catholics and Africans added to the Union will be too weird. England does it but they're a monarchy and really authoritarian or something. I will just fund elites all across the world with money and weapons so they can hunt down and kill their communists. I will undermine commie governments by giving lots of money to rebels and insurgents. I will starve, intimidate, and maybe beat up those states that do become commie. I will create entangling international alliances so vast that they stop being entangling. Plus, I'll be the captain of the alliances so Washington and Jefferson would probably not have a problem. I'll tax the free enterprise of the country to build enough explosive power to eradicate every living thing in Eurasia. I'll make French and Germans my lapdogs... I will have bases in most countries, use the UN to stall Soviet designs, and transfer enormous funds to anything that is sort of anti-communist! Can Soviets match that!!?? I'll encircle and starve them and their allies! Aren't the Soviets just Mexicans that learned how to make lots of tanks anyway?"

At this point England arrived for dinner, gave America a loving hug, and tried to stop the rant by gently pulling America inside. America was too incensed and drunk. England hasn't seen her in such a state before but something seemed familiar..

America continued while gesticulating excitedly.

"What was I thinking before!!?? We just need good Public Relations! Lets just outshout Soviets about freedom and equality! Mass murder works! World peace sounds like a crackpot commie dream anyway. Why use our superior global position at the moment to try to create a meaningful relationship with our old ally against Hitler? We can't trust them. Trying and always building is for suckers. Right old pal? You've built all them schools in Africa and now they want freedom. Ungrateful! Capitalism and freedom needs to be brought by force and not example."

England smiled rather sadly and nodded.

"Yes dear. Lets go inside it's getting cold. I've brought some Belgian chocolates made by good hard working mom&pop stores over in Europe. Hopefully they'll never be centrally planned. I also brought some plans and graphs about how you'll defend me.. err the people of Europe more effectively. I promise you that the military build up in Europe really wont cost more than those interstate highways or libraries. Plus the protestants in your country don't want government telling them what to do and just want to be left alone to provide healthcare/education/infrastructure for themselves like adults. We can't have Soviets preaching to us now can we, let me do the thinking, together we're a power couple. "

And so it went. Time passed by and Europe aged. Soviets were threatened by a lengthy siege into spending lots of their wealth on missiles rather than reconstructing Western Europe and building better infrastructure for Eurasian peoples. The dream of international solidarity, development, and peace gave way to defending the borders and so the dream died. French, Germans, and Russians stopped posing a demographic expansionary threat to each other since their birthrates stagnated (educated people tend to not have litters of children). They just wanted to be left alone, and trade, and not go abroad to have their people die in far off lands while having vicious rumors divide them.

America still remained on the continent however, whispering about how Russians don't have freedom of press and how French and Germans should threaten them with mass violence and bring new aircraft and bases ever closer to Moscow. Europeans listened and rolled their eyes (since America was still relatively powerful with all the rockets) even as a lot of American population faced laughable infrastructure, educational rot, and impudent elites who thought that liberalism was all and proper since they're only harassing the children occasionally to fund Lockheed-Martin and to borrow from Chinese "commies". World saw American presidents bang their shoes on podiums and threaten to bury poor suffering nations and bring their ideological system there. Most nations indeed now acquired parliaments and the joys of democracy as seen throughout Africa. The idea of international solidarity and brotherhood gave way to a more libertarian world where illiterate peasants scrambled to live in city slums for a chance to work for a subsidiary of an international firm.

Too bad such trickle down wonders to feed and bring equality to soon to be 9 billion people couldn't really be challenged. Challenged by a large scale system that allowed every large Soviet/Cuban fishing vessel to have a doctor on it in case somebody gets hurt (since crew were seen as people rather than resource to extend profit margins) and often even a marine biologist to expand human knowledge. For an ideology that bores everybody with endless lectures on benefits of competition, it really cant seem to stand anything but ideological monopoly. Even a local subsidiary of the communist corporation, Cuba( that now remains like a rotting GM factory)is shrieked at and threatened.

"But the whole world has to thoroughly be capitalist and adhere to all capitalist rules so full benefits can be felt!!"

Indeed, we've heard that before somewhere.

Time for English speakers to let go of Europe, stop the hysterical and at this point tiresome preaching and ideological propaganda. Time for America to gently take England's hand and push it towards Europe or towards itself and not use it as a Trojan horse against EU anymore. No need to divide the continent anymore. They wont invade and overthrow the aristocracy. Russians have been whipped and thoroughly converted to capitalism (similar to how north European pagans of old became the most zealous Christians). If anything, American influence will continue living through East European/Chinese oligarchs.

The Schengen zone is creating a lot of cultural and blood intermingling on the continent and things are finally getting exciting. Maybe it's too late to not use English as a lingua franca but hopefully Europeans wont let the linguistic filth of propaganda, sexual prudishness, fear, black/white morality, and hysteria enter their consciousness too much. Let European influence flow through England into American Northeast rather than the other way around. They can teach us a thing or two about living together in close quarters and put ancient hate behind.

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