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Saturday, March 19, 2011

French Aggression in Libya

The absurdity of an imperialist "no-fly zone"

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French version of George W Bush, apparently wants to scrub Libya of anybody he perceives as "scum" (term he used to describe the rioting French youth in 2005 back when he was the French version of Giuliani). Distracting the French people from economic turmoil at home with a foreign adventure against a socialist country with better economic growth rates than France itself may even appear as foolproof.

This probably seems less funny to secular socialist Algeria next door (especially if the rumors of Algeria and secular socialist Syria aiding Gaddafi's airforce prove to be true). The oil rich Algeria has adequate experience with being butchered by the French. If Libya falls to Western corporate oil interests (such as British oil majors who were driven out like vipers by Gaddaffi in the 70s and of course Italy's Eni) then Algeria will be the next obvious target.

Intuitively, the people of the region understand that the West must not be allowed to create an unstable puppet state in eastern Libya. Such a state would allow NATO bases which would then proceed to exert their own repulsive version of financial oligarchic "democracy" as practiced in EU and USA. We recently saw protests near US embassy in Tunisia telling Hillary Clinton to get lost.
The mere existence of NATO threats against majority of Libya's people (rebels at most have support from 30% of the population) demonstrates that Western leadership vastly underestimates the neural ability of well educated young Arabs to comprehend hypocrisy. The go ahead given by Robert Gates to ongoing Saudi invasion of Bahrain (to aid Sunni monarchy busy decimating the demonstrations of 70% Shia population a few miles from an American navy base) is prime example. NATO generals may have the neural structures of old men and racist tendencies of old school imperialists but it is laughable that they would actively engage in such double standard simultaneously! They might have gotten away with training the government of Yemen in demonstrator and separatist suppression (Yemeni gov snipers shot over 40 demonstrators this week in cold blood) while decrying Gaddaffi's response in an age before the Internet. Now they just appear as pompous nincompoops. This shows Soviet-esque levels of regional public relations incompetence.

Having said this, eventually the Northern Hemisphere will unite economically and politically in a police block that will extend major influence into the Southern Hemisphere. However, France can't just take over from United States and lead a pack of other European corporate owned hyenas for this to happen. It is a historically unworkable model for the post-American multipolar world to try to take on a form of an imperialist coalition styled on the old yankee model. EU and North America (starting with England, USA, and France) must first have a wave of regime changes and embrace democratic non-oligarchic systems of governance. This will positively influence other Security Council members. Only after the Western banker tyrannies undergo massive changes will the UN security Council be unified enough to begin to engage in genuine human rights dialogue with the Southern Hemisphere.

As for France, it looks like they've been emulating America's economic and social rot in the 1980s. We can expect Sarkozy to call Gaddaffi a mad dog any day now. Algeria (which has won its own domestic war on Islamic terrorists and is now engaged on an economically successful 5 year plan) should openly begin to support Libya and perhaps threaten to freeze French financial assets. If they are not proactive the hyenas are guaranteed to turn their gaze to the next target to sink their imperialist teeth into. I doubt Vietnam would be comfortable with France or America trying to overthrow its neighbors and creating an impudent no fly zone next to its border.

To conclude, how would Sarkozy respond if Marseille, second biggest city in France, fell to French anti-bankster rebels? We can be sure this backstabbing midget would put it under brutal siege (if not level half of it). You know, to get that "scum" out.

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  1. Anglo-American propaganda portrays Qaddafi as a kleptocrat. Here are some facts: Libya is one of the most advanced developing countries, ranking 53 on the UN Human Development Index, making it the most developed society in Africa. (It) ranks ahead of Russia (65), Ukraine (69), Brazil (73), Venezuela (75) and Tunisia (81). The rate of incarceration is 61st in the world." By far, America ranks highest, ahead of China with four times its population. Moreover, Libyan longevity "increased by 20 years under" Gaddafi. He shared the nation's oil income better than the rest of OPEC. On the other hand in the US thousands of people are litterally sleeping in the streets. Yet, the US deliver their rocket democracy all round the world. Now, leave all that on the side and consider this: When United Nations give permission to one country to attack another, that means there are no UN any more. Just use your head until you have it. UN might have become United Nato led by United Scams of America